The Best Automotive Shop & Body Repair In OKC!
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The Best Automotive Shop & Body Repair In OKC!
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Heating & AC Services

Be sure to get the most out of your heating and air-conditioning systems by regular maintenance and up-keep. Come to OKC Auto Works to let our Licensed and Certified experts do a complete inspection of your vehicle. No matter what make or model, we can diagnose and fix any issues. Is your heat blowing instead of cool or your setting is on its highest and barely blowing? Recognizing the warning signs early can help in correcting the operations of your heating and A/C system. Bring your car by OKC Auto Works today, and we will get your car temperature back to comfortable in a timely manor.

In-Depth Heating and A/C Inspection Services

  • Inspect and Replace Compressor Belt
  • Examine for Cracks or Damage
  • Refrigerant Leaks
  • Cooling System Pressure Checks
  • Interior Vents
  • Check Coolant/Radiator Level & Hoses
  • Pressure Cap & Thermostat
  • Cabin Air Filters

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