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5 AUTO MAINTENANCE ITEMS YOU SHOULDN’T NEGLECT because it can be the difference in your car running or its longevity.

October is historically known as Car Care Month. We all know a vehicle is a big investment. It requires a lot of things to perform optimally. We get in such a hurry these days and sometimes when you’re busy, its easy to put off preventative car maintenance. While it may not save you time, doing your preventative maintenance regularly will save you money in the long run. We have compiled a list of the top 5 auto maintenance items you shouldn’t neglect.

Brake Inspection

Literally, your brakes are the single most important safety feature on your vehicle. Without them you are most assuredly going to hit something or someone. For this reason, you need to inspect the brakes if they don’t seem to feel right when you hit the peddle or are making noises when you brake. Squeaking and grinding noises that are coming from your brakes can make your vehicle unsafe for you and your passengers. You most certainly do not want to neglect your brakes or put it off, as in this case, the longer you wait the more expensive and dangerous it can get.

OKC Auto Works can inspect your brakes, replace brake pads, rotate wheels, perform wheel alignments, replace calipers, brake pads, and fix any tire and wheel issues you may be having.
OKC Auto Works offers brake inspection as part of our services

Check Engine Light

The check engine light can indicate several issues. It is important to take your vehicle to a mechanic and hove the codes checked sooner versus later. As with most things mechanical, diagnosis and fixing the problem early likely will save you a bigger costlier repair down the road.

OKC Auto Works can check your motor oil, coolant, windshield wiper fluid, and brake fluid. We will top off your fluids as needed if its not time for a change, and we can change these items for you as well. OKC Auto Works can also flush your transmission.
Check your motor oil regularly.

Checking and Changing Fluids

Fluids are an important aspect to keep a car running. There are several fluids your vehicle requires. From engine oil and brake fluid to transmission fluid and coolant. You should check all your fluids regularly and ‘top them off’ as needed. Make sure you are checking and changing your fluids on time. Your mechanic can tell you the schedule or you can read what the manufacturer recommends in your vehicle’s owner manual.

Oil Changes

When it comes to skipping oil changes, just don’t…and we mean absolutely do not do it.  Skipping oil changes is one of the most damaging things for your engine. Your motor oil is needed to lubricate the various moving parts of your vehicle’s engine. Oil changes help to remove all the old oil, which loses viscosity and gets sludgy. You want your car to run its best for as long as possible, and that is going to require regular oil changes.

Your Tires

Tires are another vital part of a functioning vehicle. Check your tire pressure regularly and try to keep them at the manufacturer’s suggested psi. You can find that information in your owner’s manual. Additionally, it is a good idea to have your tires rotated on occasion and to ensure your wheels are properly aligned. Doing this will improve gas mileage and extend the life of your tires. As your tires age, they lose traction and braking ability, so be sure to replace them when the tread is too worn. We will gladly look at your tires if you need an opinion, but here is also a useful guide to checking your tread yourself.

Not everyone feels comfortable handling their regular maintenance. We get that and we’re here to help. We would be happy to look at your vehicle and help determine what maintenance your vehicle needs. Just give us a call at (405) 634-8200.

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