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The Best Automotive Shop & Body Repair In OKC!
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How to save money on auto expenses


October is National Savings Month. While we would not purport ourselves to be financial experts, we do have some tips that can help you save money with respect to your vehicle. These 5 suggestions will help you save money & help you keep your vehicle running longer:

Practice prevention.

Minor maintenance now can fend off major maintenance later. Change air filters and oil, and keep tires properly inflated to reduce wear and increase fuel efficiency. (Your vehicle’s owner manual is a good reference guide.) Get regular tune-ups to minimize costly problems in the future.

Don’t waste gas.

Smarter driving habits mean savings at the pump. Avoid quick starts and stops, as well as fuel-wasting warm-ups and idling. Carpool when possible and stick to the speed limit. For every five miles per hour over 50 mph you go, your car’s gas mileage may drop by 7 percent or more.

Use a smart tool.

There are several apps you can use to help you find the station with the cheapest gas near you. Additionally, Google Maps can now show you the most fuel-efficient route for driving.

Pay less for fuel and EV charging.

Your new driving habits will help you reduce how often you must fill up or charge, but you can also cut costs at the pump or charging station.

Save on insurance.

Bundling your auto coverage with your renters or homeowners’ insurance and life insurance can usually help you save money. Contact your insurance agent and see if they can help you save some money on your insurance.

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